We believe in quality. The following list represents the main tools we prefer to make sound better. Distribution and sales for proaudio gear and plugins (if you need something else then listed below, let me know)

  • A-designs
  • API
  • Burl
  • Crane Song
  • Daking
  • Dr. MS (Mathew Lane)
  • Elysia
  • Heritage Audio
  • Lindell audio
  • Mytek
  • No Hype audio
  • Retro Instruments
  • Shadowhills Industries
  • Shinybox
  • Soundblade mastering tools
  • Steven Slate plugins and hardware
  • Vertigo Sound

Drop me a mail for inquirys (dealer or end-user), or use the price list to get an idea of what’s available from me: inquirys:


My Services

  • Proaudio gear repairs
  • DAW builing and troubleshooting (PC and MAC)
  • Console comissioning and sales
  • Acoustics (development,measuring,installation)
  • Cabling


Sales & advice

We sell every brand and can get you a helping hand in choosing the right gear for your application. Want to buy something and feel like you are lost in knobs and marketing hype? Call or email me. I can get you the tools you need.


There is a tech working for us at He charges 80 CHF/hour to inspect and repair your gear.

DAW builing and troubleshooting (PC and MAC)

Got problems with your DAW (building or troubleshooting)? For 50 CHF/30Minutes I can solve most problems. No solution, no payment.